C & N DESIGN's clay building products have roots from several years of experience designing and building structures for our garden railroad. We wanted structures that could be left out and stand up to the elements. Freeze thaw cycles still affect clay product's longevity, so we still recommend that you bring in your buildings for the winter.

We also wanted to capture the charm and style of old world cottages or rustic structures in America. High fired clay offers these qualities and more. Each building is hand made, using age old techniques to ensure durable results. They are glazed or stained to produce a unique piece that holds its color. Thus, no two cottages are exactly the same.

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You can choose from a set of glazes and provide us with sketches and your scale criteria we can give you a quote for the timeframe and price to build your minature dream house.

Model sizes range from 6" x 6" x 8" to 6" x 12" x 8" high. These buildings are meant to be used for 1:20.3, or 1:24 scales.

FAIRIE GARDENS are another popular setting for the cottages. Their scale and charm combine to create a unique and special home for these garden creatures.


C & N DESIGN's quilted products started as a blending of 2 hobbies. One enjoyed quilting the other, railroads. That created a synergy that blended these into a product line of quilted products with a railroad theme.
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